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About ME. Events and Retreats


We exist to create the escapes that you can only dream of, turning all our individual interests into unique events.


Our vision for ME. Events and Retreats is to create connection, empowerment, and rejuvenation!


Events will range from adventure weekends, development sessions, or a good old Sunday lunch.


We aim to make experiences and create environments for others that we would love ourselves.


Jennifer Mackie

Co Founder of ME. Events and Retreats

Hello, I'm Jennifer Mackie, mother, healthcare professional, founder and owner of a health and wellness business. Pilates CHB is a community hub for movement excellence for all bodies. As a physiotherapist, fully certified Pilates teacher and specialist movement coach, I endevour to always keep up to date with the most cutting edge research and modalities in the heath and wellness space.

I am a podcast lover, ex ski instructor, mountain adventurer and into all the exercise things,  whilst also trying to live life as untwat like as possible! 

I am thrilled to announce my new venture as the co-founder of ME. Events.  All these roles have given me an incredible platform to share my passion and expertise with a wider audience, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


Charlotte Rowlands

Co Founder of ME. Events and Retreats

Hey! I'm Charlotte Rowlands, a former Product Development Technologist who has transitioned into a career where I run various businesses, expressing creativity and evoking emotions as a passionate photographer and silversmith jeweller. My craft revolves around storytelling and evoking emotions, bringing joy through the impact my skills can have on others, whether it's capturing a timeless photo or creating unique handmade sentimental jewellery.

I take pride in being the co-creator of a wedding, accommodation, and events venue in Central Hawke's Bay. Together with my family, we've built a space that brings people together in a stunning environment.

Now, I'm thrilled to fuse my various passions and interests to create unique events that nurture others. ME. Events is my latest creative passion project, where I aim to craft memorable experiences for everyone involved, while having lots of fun on the way with friends!


Amanda Tippett

Co Founder of ME. Events and Retreats

Hello, I am Amanda Tippett, a woman of many talents and passions.  I am a mother of four, an ex-health care professional, and a business owner.  Resilient and determined; I have an unwavering commitment to inspire and uplift not only myself but also those around me.

I’m an ardent fitness enthusiast with a particular love for strength training, cold plunges,  mountain biking and meditation. I believe that physical fitness is not just about maintaining a healthy body but also about fostering mental strength and discipline. Green fingered, an avid renovator with a passion for travel and enjoys a good laugh and a sneaky glass of wine. 

I am excited to come together with like minded people to be able to create amazing experiences and opportunities for others to be inspired, learn and be motivated all while having a little bit of fun!

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